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Behaviour Change Coaching

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Telephone, video, online or face to face engagement with a professional mentor to support you in solving your challenges and achieving your ambitions


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Behaviour Change Coaching

Pro Sports Cybernetics has a 12-week blueprint systemised behaviour change coaching framework designed for you, proven to deliver results for 90%+ of clients.


Our coaches create a series of small steps taken over time as part of a journey that takes you through diagnosis, foundation and acceleration into change.


The goal of your journey is to reverse unhealthy patterns of behaviour and provide you with the tools and tactics to ensure you develop and maintain the incentive to create lasting change in your life. This then makes it more manageable for you to reach your fitness, nutrition, weight and fat loss goals. 


Our Pro Sports Cybernetics Master Mentor will use their expertise and knowledge to support the development of you. Through 1:1 confidential conversations, you will be encouraged and challenged to achieve your potential and aspirations.


Behaviour change coaching is simply intended to be supportive of you. Think of it as a confidential access to a critical shoulder that can be used to sound things out and help you to take action.


Behaviour change coaching provides a:


  • safe space to explore options and plan future action

  • place to be challenged and supported

  • sounding board

  • source of advice and guidance




Having a Pro Sports Cybernetics Master Mentor can be very beneficial. It will give you:

  • increased self-awareness, motivation and confidence

  • greater clarity of purpose and productivity

  • increased organisational knowledge and know-how

  • improved skills and tools

  • focus and preparation for the future and career aspirations


In order for you to gain the most from the sessions, you will be expected to be accepting in realising challenges, being open and honest about yourself, being willing to take risks, and be having realistic expectations that are shared and agreed with the Pro Sports Cybernetics Master Mentor.


Stages of your behaviour change coaching relationship


Every relationship will develop its unique pattern. Below however outlines the typical, but not necessarily all, expectations in each stage to increase effectiveness of the mentoring relationship and sessions.


During the first stage, both Pro Sports Cybernetics Master Mentor and you will:


  • develop rapport

  • clarify mutual expectations

  • establish appropriate boundaries

  • discover initial exploration of your goals

  • talk about what success towards the end might look like

  • agree logistics around meetings and communication

  • review early sessions to establish the mentoring relationship is working for both parties


In the middle stage, you will:


  • be proactive

  • come with an agenda

  • reflect on the mentoring sessions

  • aim to integrate learning from each session


By the end stage, both Pro Sports Cybernetics Master Mentor and you will:


  • be aware when the programme has run its course

  • initiate proactive conversations to plan for the ending

  • review the original objectives

  • review the learning and progress

  • review the outcomes

We base our mentoring on 5 principles of development.

This is the model of speaking, listening, asking, planning, doing and reviewing.

Our sessions are flexible and can take place via telephone, video, online or face to face to support you in solving your challenges and achieving your ambitions.

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“We coach sports professionals to build their confidence whilst reaching and sustaining their peak performance"

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