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Deal with the stress of running a business with these self-care practices

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

According to a study, entrepreneurs are exposed to higher levels of stress compared to employees. However, being exposed to constant stress they also develop better control over their mental health. If you are currently struggling to manage stress, this article by Greatly Nurtured Development explores how you can do that through simple self-care practices.

Have a Daily “Me Time”

Depending on your preference, set aside some time to engage in activities beyond work that allow you to relax and overcomedaily stressors.

An ideal example is having a morning routine where you do not touch your phone unless you have had a bath and eaten a nutritious breakfast. Both these activities promote good mental health, help you feel alert, and provide a good start for the day ahead. Additionally, having this habit in your routine allows you to control your urges to work constantly at all times of the day, an issue that is common among entrepreneurs.

You can choose any activity of your choice for your me-time such as journaling, exercising, playing an instrument, reading, etc. An effective way to ensure that you uphold your commitment to this time is by scheduling it in your calendar. Just like a meeting, having a calendar reminder will motivate you to follow it and get the rest you deserve.

Focus on Fitness

Entrepreneurs experience an immense amount of stress daily from having to make important decisions, dealing with the pressure to achieve goals, managing staff, and much more.

Exercising is an effective way to not only alleviate stress but improve energy levels, confidence and make entrepreneurs better leaders. When we exercise, our body releases hormones such as endorphins and serotonin which significantly reduce stress and give an instant boost in mood.

Additionally, as one’s physical health improves, they can work longer, have higher levels of alertness, and overcome fatigue. When it comes to taking important decisions, handling high-pressure situations, these health benefits can help an entrepreneur manage their business better than their competition and make their business successful.

Delegate Authority

An organization where the authority lies in the hand of a single individual cannot excel for the simple reason that no one person is equipped to handle all aspects of the business. According to C&EN by delegating authority to employees you empower themto make decisions and handle tasks in which they have expertise. Additionally, you increase the time on your hands to focus on other important tasks, reduce stress and make your organization efficient.

When looking to find experts to delegate tasks to, consider hiring freelancers as they are an affordable and efficient alternative to hiring full-time employees. Here are a few roles you can consider:

Bookkeeper: Every business needs a bookkeeper to keep its finances in check. They are skilled in creating and maintaining financial statements in addition to helping businesses pay less in taxes and taking advantage of business write-offs. On average a certified bookkeeper salary ranges between £8-£18 an hour.

Virtual Assistant: These are individuals with expertise in handling multiple job responsibilities at once such as data entry, social media posting, scheduling meetings, administrative work, etc. Hiring a VA can significantly free up time from your plate while ensuring that all important tasks are completed on time.

Learn To Say No

As an entrepreneur, the responsibility of making the business successful lies on your shoulders. Hence, it's important to stay focused, channel your energy towards select projects and avoid distractions. When deciding to dedicate time towards a client or meeting ask yourself these questions:

● Will it benefit your business?

● Is it in line with your business goals?

● Is it the best utilization of your time?

Learning to say no is an important skill to learn and to use towards prospective clients and employees. You may feel that saying no to a client may harm your business, however, doing business with the wrong client will lead to a waste of time and money. Similarly, you do not need to attend all meetings, instruct your employees to send detailed updates daily and step in only when needed.

Taking control of your time and health will allow you to develop mental resilience towards stress and manage your business better.

Image Source: Pexels

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