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Contact us to have a chat about tailoring a nutrition programme to suit your needs and how Herbalife can work for you to get a great result

Herbalife is proud to be the Global Nutrition Partner for Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo and Herbalife team up for good nutrition.

In the competitive world of professional sports, good nutrition can be a key advantage. Global sports icon and international football star Cristiano Ronaldo believes that it is essential. That's why the Portuguese winger/forward joins forces with Herbalife to promote great nutrition and regular exercise for people of all activity levels.


"I strongly believe in the importance of the right nutrition for me as an individual, both on and off the field," says Ronaldo. "I am looking forward to working with Herbalife, as a company that shares my passion and brings such expertise and knowledge in the area of sports nutrition."


Pro Sports Cybernetics believes in and promotes whole food eating alongside scientific sports nutrition. We support and partner with Herbalife Nutrition as a proven formula for sports nutrition. For Pro Sports Cybernetics nutrition is important for its athletes because it provides a source of energy required to perform activities. The food we eat impacts on our strength, training performance and recovery. 

For CR7, it's about hard work and a touch of talent that's seemingly beyond reason. It's about driving sports science and innovation further, beyond the competition, uncovering new ways to think about performance and response.

Sports Nutrition and Wellness Programmes

Is your ultimate goal to boast a lean and toned physique? To obtain the body that you desire, you need to consider carefully how you are going to fuel that ambition. Sports nutrition is not just for professional athletes. It can help you to achieve your health objectives too. 

Our wellness evaluation helps assess where you currently are in terms of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. It will establishes a baseline, which is the starting point in any personal wellness journey.

If you want to build muscle, you need to ensure that you give your body the proper nutrition before, during and after any intense activity. 

Top athletes around the world use our sports nutrition range to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Train like an athlete with our fitness range.


Based on the latest science, Herbalife is designed for everyone. Whether you're a gentle jogger, gym lover or an elite athlete, Herbalife has products to help you prepare, train and recover. We have sports and fitness programmes, breakfast programmes, pre-workout programmes, during workout programmes and post workout programmes. The range can also be customised based on your specific training schedule. Take training, performance and recovery to the next level with our sports nutrition line.


We guarantee that every product from every batch is screened for prohibited substances by an independent third party. For your assurance, products may be tracked using the batch number on the product and checked at All Herbalife24 products are free from artificial colours.

Herbalife Active Community

Our Herbalife Active Community is our official fitness and nutrition Facebook platform where you will get free access to online workouts, meditation, yoga, motivational talks and recipes when using Herbalife Nutrition.

Fitness Coaching: Services
GND Welcomes CR7

GND Welcomes CR7

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Fit Man

“We coach sports professionals to build their confidence whilst reaching and sustaining their peak performance"

Pro Sports Cybernetics

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