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Let us make things happen – let us work with you, for you!

Our Events and Media team are a creative, vibrant, performance quality driven and flexible team who work in an agile methodology adopted way who always strive to get the best outcome for you. Events and media is important to Greatly Nurtured Development because it gives all involved the chance to shape what they want and witness the final product and outcome. Creating events and media for you provides an incredible opportunity to plan, promote and present the event or media. We focus on professionalism, quality and ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Please read our Events and our Media sections to see what events and media we provide. Contact us below to see how we can create an event or media for you.


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We use an array of communication and engagement skills to provide coaching and event coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to 1:1 consultations and group sessions, we regularly host workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing themselves. From football parties to school events to professional mentoring workshops, we can provide a service for you. Our events are aside of our regular services and are based around our standard knowledge base areas of football, fitness, mentoring, life coaching and sports counselling.

GND Events can assist you in:

  • networking

  • strengthening your team or community

  • building trustful partnerships together

  • generating revenue and fundraising

  • having fun in a professional environment

GND Events provides:

  • Football parties for football clubs and small or large groups

  • Football workshops, speeches and presentations

  • Fitness parties for small groups or large groups

  • Fitness workshops, speeches and presentations

  • Mentoring and Sports Counselling workshops, speeches and presentations

What makes a great GND event is that we know our customers and we take the time to understand what their needs are. We also know what we offer, its purpose and why it matters. We always look for ways in which we can relate to our audience and create mutually beneficial references. We plan to perfection, we are always developing and most importantly, we know how to make things fun and easy to understand! Our aim is to broaden your understanding and intelligence of our material, which is generated by your subjects and goals.

We also provide a range of bespoke parties, workshops, speeches and presentations. Contact us for more information and find out how we can help you to plan your event.



Greatly Nurtured Development Media provides:


  • high definition sports highlight videos and skills videos for footballers

  • bespoke designed football resume and cv

  • high quality image resolution sports flyers for sports teams and companies


High definition sports highlight videos


We provide professional, high-definition video for players in games, individual and team sessions, sports events, tournaments and showcases. Most clubs, scouts and coaches want to see a highlight, skills video, and snippets of game footage. We know how to help you get noticed so that you can make all your hard work pay off.


Video is the most effective communication tool available to promote your talent as a footballer. Our goal is to help you promote your talent. Greatly Nurtured Development Media gives you the tools you need to market your football skills to clubs, scouts, coaches and football agents. We shoot videos for footballers and work with footballers and know how to create an effective sports highlight video that will make you stand out from others in one of the most competitive environments.

Football CV design

Attracting clubs and football intermediaries is just like applying for a job. They want to have a look at your football resume or CV. Employers do judge a book by its cover! When writing a football CV in order to attract clubs and intermediaries, you need to spend a lot of time concentrating on the content and key skills listed on your CV, and whilst good content is important to improving you being signed, the design of your CV can be just as important. Agreeing to let Greatly Nurtured Development Media design your CV will ensure that:

  • first impressions of you remain strong

  • you demonstrate you are professional

  • your resume is easy to navigate

  • your resume stands out from the rest

Sports flyers

Greatly Nurtured Development Media designs digital high quality image resolution sports flyers for sports teams and companies. The purpose of your flyer is to get your potential customer to take notice and take action. Similar to your other marketing plans, your intention is to help your target audience recognise that you have a solution that meets their needs.


Every business requires proper and effective promotion. Whatever the size of your business or budget, Greatly Nurtured Development Media can help your business reach your targeted customers.

Greatly Nurtured Development Media can design your sports flyers to:

  • reach your target audience

  • attract the right customers

  • create an aesthetic promotion

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