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Sports Counselling

Telephone, video, online or face to face engagement with a professional mentor to support you in solving your challenges and achieving your ambitions

Sports counselling or sports psychotherapy is a specialised area where we are concerned with the wellbeing, mental functioning, and physical performance of athletes. There is particular emphasis on the mental component of athletic performance.

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Sports Counselling in UK  and Sports Counselling Sessions in UK


Why sports counselling?

Mental health in sport has recently been receiving all the attention it deserves. However, it is not sport in general which has taken centre stage, it is more particularly the elite sportspeople who have had the spotlight shone on them.

The stigma around mental health in general is changing for the better and the best of sportspeople have always been revered as the best role models. Therefore, when fusing these two subjects together, there has been a lot of media spotlight, which can only benefit all people involved in sport, not just those suffering with mental health.


One of the reasons why elite sportspeople are in the spotlight is because while their sport may be recreational to some degree, on the other hand it is their job and in most cases their way of life. Therefore, it can completely dominate and shape who they are and how they behave from day to day. If this starts to impact on someone’s performance negatively in any way, that’s when it is a necessary time for you to have a conversation with a sports counsellor.


How can we help?

With GND Sports Counselling, our focus is on you and on improving your mental performance, which will have a positive effect on your physical performance. We look at your behaviours, mental processes and well-being linked to your sporting profession. Simply put, sports counselling can help you expand your tools when challenging your thoughts and feelings.

We can support you in improving your:

  • confidence

  • focus

  • composure

  • intensity

  • trust in your own abilities and performance​


We have worked with a variety of clients from sporting backgrounds including football, athletics and boxing. We have supported those who have struggled to cope with some key areas including, but not limited to:

  • anxiety

  • pressure

  • depression

  • addiction

  • commitment to training

  • fear of failure

  • managing rejection and failure

  • injury and rehabilitation

  • retirement

  • transition from sport into a different job sector


This service is for semi-professional, professional and elite sportspeople who want to enhance their sports performance and mental attitude. Our aim is to broaden your self-identity so that you can find value in yourself beyond your sports performance, whilst also supporting your sporting goals.


Our sessions are flexible and can take place via telephone, video, online or face to face to support you in enhancing your performance and mental attitude.

Let’s start by having a conversation with a GND Elite Sports Counsellor.

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