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Coming out of lockdown for sportspeople

This is no ordinary time and we have all faced huge challenges. Sport, physical activity and wellbeing is key in coping during lockdown and so we are doing all we can to help you stay active in this new normal.

The government has announced their plans for the easing of sporting lockdown restrictions from 8 March through to May.

What can sportspeople do now?

You can leave your home to exercise once per day within your local area.

You can exercise in a public outdoor place:

  • by yourself

  • with the people you live with

  • with your support bubble (if you're legally permitted to form one)

  • when on your own, with one person from another household (going for a walk with someone counts as exercise)

Public outdoor places include:

  • parks, beaches, countryside accessible to the public, forests

  • public gardens

  • the grounds of a heritage site

  • playgrounds

There are two exemptions to the national lockdown restrictions for sport and activity:

  • Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue

  • Elite sportspeople (and their coaches if necessary, or parents/guardians if they are under 18) - or those on an official elite sports pathway - are allowed to meet in larger groups, to compete and train.

Examples of socially distanced exercise:

  • Going for a walk or run

  • Focus on doing training or exercises based on your sport

  • Join online platforms

Sporting roadmap out of lockdown

Monday, 8 March

From Monday, 8 March you can go out for socially distanced exercise with:

  • people in your household - this means the people you live with

  • people in your support bubble - this is when a person on their own joins up with another household

  • 1 person who is not in your household or support bubble

Monday, 29 March

From Monday, 29 March you will be able to:

  • meet in groups of 6 people outside, including in a private garden

  • meet in groups of 2 households

Outdoor sports places will open up again, like tennis or basketball courts, and open air swimming pools. Social distancing will remain.

Monday, 12 April

If things go well, step 2 will start on Monday, 12 April:

  • Indoor gyms will open up - but you have to go on your own or with people in your household.

Monday, 17 May

If things go well, step 3 will start on Monday, 17 May:

  • Some larger outdoor sports and shows will be able to have people watching

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