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How to forgive yourself

Guilt is an extremely common feeling but few realise how profoundly it can impact our lives. While mostly psychological, some physical effects can include insomnia, a loss of appetite, and an overall dreary feeling. Guilt happens to share a lot of symptoms with depression, and depression can develop within someone with severe guilt issues.

Here are some ways to stop feeling guilty and start forgiving yourself:

  1. Have an honest conversation with yourself or others

  2. Recognise you're not alone - others have gone through this as well. Learn from them

  3. Create an opposite environment - be around the people that make you better

  4. Get started again - take your time and gain momentum

  5. Do the best you can - give it your all so there are no regrets

  6. Project your future life - if you stay in this unforgiving moment, what will life look like?

  7. Be a model for your kids and those around - what example would you want to give or be for the next generation

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